The story of homogeneous competition

The second one came to the gas station and found that many Jewish people needed accommodation, So I opened a supermarket; the fifth, the sixth More and more people came to the town. People who eat, stay, travel and do business need gas. As a result, the business of gas stations, restaurants, hotels and supermarkets has become more prosperous. Gradually, the town has become a prosperous one, and many Jews have become rich.

One Chinese came to a small town and opened a gas station, and the business was very hot; the second Chinese came and found that the gas station business invested by the first person was really enviable, so he quickly opened the second gas station; the third Chinese came again and saw that the gas station of the two compatriots in front of him was very happy and envied, so he quickly opened the third gas station; the fourth and the fifth compatriots all came Similarly, there is a discount when opening a gas station In the end, there was vicious competition, and then they closed down one after another, and the town returned to its original place

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