Science? Religion? Superstition? unknown?

Darwin said that since the origin of species, our destiny has been arranged by the creator. Nature is like a god of death with scissors. It stares at the growth of all things with sharp eyes and is always ready to use the scissors in its hands to eliminate those species that are not suitable for survival.

However, it seems that from the origin of species, there exists such a special group on the earth. They come from different dimensions of space and extraterrestrial stars. They do not know when to start or when to stop. Since their appearance, they have helped tiny human beings to fight against the Almighty God of death countless times, and maintained the ecological order of all things. As a result, they have left some mysterious rumors that are supernatural and spread among the people.

Although “time gap” is relatively static, it runs faster than light in a space parallel to us. So they may be around us, but we never meet them.

For example, you will often see some similar scenes and another strange self in your dreams. However, the dream of people, and scenes will be in your mind after a flash in the pan, completely forget, as if never appear.

But you can’t deny that “they” do exist around us. Some people will ask, what kind of things are they? Is it the Eastern god or the Western God?

At present, our ability to explore the unknown is not enough to make a deep analysis of their identity, let alone an accurate definition.

Do you believe that there are some translucent mysterious organizations in this seemingly comfortable world?

Do you know that the human eye can only see 5% of the world’s matter through the visible light in the universe?

When floods, earthquakes, fires and plagues come, do you stubbornly believe that these disasters are only natural disasters caused by the change of the earth and the change of the climate?

Have you ever naively believed that in the vast universe, only the surface of the earth has signs of life?

Have you ever naively thought that only human beings are the supreme ruler on earth? But it’s just like an egg to explore the earth.

Have you ever known that only a few percent of your body’s potential and brain’s genes have been developed, while most of the rest are permanently confined by some unknown ability.

Have you ever heard of parallel space, gaps in time and blind spots in the universe?

Have you ever felt an invisible mystery or another isolated world hidden in a comfortable and peaceful life when you are inexplicably agitated?

Have you ever thought in your heart why, no matter in Europe, Asia or even the whole world, the torrent of history, cruel wars and the change of dynasties have changed almost everything, but the only thing that has not been overthrown is “religion”!

If religion exists, it is for the continuation of spiritual civilization and the maintenance of life balance.

So what is science trying to hide from us?

The theory of origin and evolution of species is a big lie. It was Darwin who really killed God 100 years ago! The earth’s 30 degrees north latitude, who is closing our eyes?

From ancient times to the present, after the change of dynasties, every generation of emperors and political power has to revise the ancient forbidden book “push back map”, Einstein’s view of the universe to be overthrown in his later years, and what does Darwin’s “anti evolution theory” imply to us?

Where did the ancient Chinese martial arts go, such as flying over the eaves and walls, swallows lighting water, walking through a hundred steps, acupoints lighting through the air, and traveling thousands of miles? What is the relationship between “Qimen dunjia” and spiritual civilization?

Does Lemuria and Atlantis really exist?

Who are the masterpieces of the Great Wall, the sun’s tomb in the desert, and the geomantic matrix of ancient Egyptian pyramids?

The mysterious crop circle, who on earth is hinting to us? Are lizards around us?

It has been influencing the world. It is said that it is a shadow group that controls super energy and causes oil war, financial storm, American independence, Vietnam War, Kennedy assassination and other major events

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