Reprint a story about donkey

The day it died, I ran to the scene. Look at it lying next to the mill, skinny, messy hair color, staring big eyes. Death is very miserable, only one leg is still hard forward. I knew that when it died, it still had to pull and grind. Because last night, it said that it was going to celebrate the festival soon. It had to work hard to finish grinding the remaining 400 Jin beans, finish the task, and then go home to have a good rest. Just did not expect, or died in the mill.

When I first met him, he was still a model worker among donkeys. He was young and talented, and his future was limitless. I have seen it grind face, steady and even pace, white and fine face, without any impurities, and has been diligent and hardworking, and has been praised by the host year after year.

I heard it say that the mill was not so nervous at the beginning. It was put on the mill on time every day, and then it was unloaded and returned to the nest. But then things suddenly changed. The owner decided to reform the donkey flour grinding mechanism, who should be responsible for the flour grinding, and set up a lot of regulatory departments.

In this way, the original 50 donkeys were divided into different kinds. There are publicity donkeys, who are responsible for shouting production slogans and publicizing the advanced deeds of donkeys. There is a supervisor donkey, who is responsible for supervising the donkey’s work. Research donkey is responsible for research, advanced grinding method. There are also planning donkeys, who are responsible for making work plans and tasks. Of course, there are also some donkeys who are more senior and are responsible for managing other donkeys. Only after the reform was completed did it find that less than 40% of the donkeys were really pulling and grinding.

Since then, the donkey has obviously felt tired. It used to be ground by 50 donkeys, but now it has to be ground by 20 donkeys. After strengthening the management, the number of donkeys increased continuously, and the number of first-line donkeys decreased sharply. Many donkeys stop grinding and go to other jobs. Some write production plans, some do research, and some do art shows. As a result, the more kinds of donkeys there are, the less donkeys are working, and the problem of more live donkeys and less live donkeys is becoming increasingly prominent.

There are so many kinds of donkeys, each of which has to do some specific work. Grinding work also requires constant innovation, to cooperate with the propaganda work. It turns out that it’s not enough to pull the mill around the mill, which is not in line with the trend of the times. So he first learned from Malaysia, drew lessons from the advanced experience of horse drawn cart, and strode to pull the mill. Later he knew that there was too much difference between donkey and horse. He also learned the way of cattle ploughing, and found that he could not do it technically and failed. Many donkeys have no choice but to pull and grind in different patterns. Some are jumping, some are climbing, some are kneeling, and some are rolling. All day long, their legs will break.

After a toss, many donkeys complained and lacked energy. In order to encourage the donkey to pull the mill, the owner worked out a method to calculate the workload. Every day, the number and quality of the donkeys will be evaluated, and the quality of the donkeys will be evaluated at the end of the year. Reward more points, and then promoted to management donkey, no longer pull mill. At that time, I reminded him not to trust his master any more. He once let a carrot in front of the donkey to cheat you.

But he didn’t listen and worked hard. He was the first for three years in a row. When it brought its own big red flowers, it felt that it was going to make a start. But later, the owner promoted another donkey. The reason was that the donkey could sing. It was a rare talent and earned the owner face. Since then, its confidence has been a devastating blow, slowly began to lose heart.

In my opinion, he is depressed and has no intention of grinding his face. He has also advised him to leave and find a more relaxed and promising job. A lot of donkeys go out to pull cars and carry passengers. They can also have a good life. But it insists that after so many years of grinding, nothing will happen. It’s not easy to pull a car and carry passengers when I’m old. I can’t learn any more. I don’t have so much strength to pull the car. If I can’t carry passengers properly, it will hurt the guests. Although it’s not satisfactory now, it’s stable. Let’s just muddle along.

But even if we muddle along, we still have so much work to do. In my opinion, it still grinds on the upper side and on the lower side every day. When turning the mill, he was listless, and his steps were scattered. The ground surface was thick and fine, and some with soil. His spirit was completely different from that of the previous year.

Finally one day, the donkey still fell on the edge of the mill, just like the master’s call, “a good donkey will die on the edge of the mill.”. Looking at my master, I didn’t cry for a long time. It’s just that it used to be such an excellent donkey that he devoted his whole life to flour milling and called on the living donkeys to learn from it.

After the mourning donkeys dispersed, I saw the master go into the kitchen and tell the cook to kill the donkeys, stew the meat, and boil the skin into donkey hide gelatin to repair his wife’s health.

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