What’s the body reaction when a girl kisses?

I have a beginning and an end to explain, so it will be a bit long. If you don’t like it, don’t read it. Ha ~ thank you (you can also regard it as a love history, just watch you happy) I met him when playing games in the club. At that time, he took the initiative to add my friends. Once, my roommate and I lost in a row all the time. I saw him invite him to play online (he played the game with him for the first time at that time. He played very well. He thought it was best to play with one more person and kneel down together if we couldn’t win). I didn’t expect that we would play together all the time Black has been losing. He and I were both resident students. We could go home after school on Friday afternoon at the weekend. He asked me if I wanted to go home together, because by the way (he could just transfer at the place where I got off the bus), he often played games at that time, and he was a little bit fond of him (pit him every day, ha ha ha ha), so he agreed. In the afternoon, I came out from the girls’ dormitory, opposite the boys’ dormitory. He stood under the tree and waited for me. He was wearing a gray coat, and I was wearing a white skirt one day. I walked with him not far away. Next to the school gate is the basketball court. He goes inside and I go outside. A basketball rolls around. He picks it up and throws it back to the boys who play basketball. The boys have seen it to us, and subconsciously I turn my head to one side. Since I was a child, I didn’t like looking at each other or staring at me for too long. I covered my face with my long hair and didn’t want others to see me (later, he told me that the boys who played basketball were in the same class with him and some of his roommates, and then deliberately threw the ball, thinking that we were friends and wanted to see what I looked like) When I was waiting for the bus, I held my big light blue cotton padded jacket in my arms and stood foolishly without talking to him. Then he looked at me seriously and said: I’ll help you hold the cotton padded jacket first. When you are cold, how about putting it on. The other students who were waiting for the bus were just looking at me. I was a little embarrassed when I was staring at him. I gave him the cotton padded clothes without saying anything. It wasn’t long before the bus came. After I got on the bus with him, I saw that there were two empty seats in the back row. He asked me to sit inside and he sat outside himself. At that time, it was getting dark and he was looking at the scenery outside the window and chatting all the way. When I got off the bus, he told me that he was hungry and asked me to eat with him. He asked me to introduce him, because he was not a local and said he was not familiar with it! After I was with him, I once told me that I’m familiar with him for a long time. Some men are wolves in sheep’s clothing. No matter boys or girls, if you want to take a relationship seriously, you must polish your eyes.) Just next to a new snail powder shop, decoration looks very warm, I went in with him one after another, he asked whether to eat, I refused (I make-up beautiful makeup also wiped sweet lipstick, just not hungry) he also asked several times, he sat opposite me, snail powder end on the table, he did not move chopsticks, the snail powder moved to me and looked at me and said whether or not When I sat across from him, I doubted how I could eat with him. When he came out of the store, he asked me where my home was and said that he would send me home safely. He said that he didn’t need to go home by himself. Later, he would go to my friend’s house to get things. He insisted on sending me home and said that he didn’t trust me. I was a girl. Then I didn’t go back to him and asked him if he wanted to go for a walk. There was another very good sidewalk near the primary school (I was afraid that it was far away from the crowd) When we walked up the corner for an hour or two, we would talk to each other. We didn’t know where he was. He saw me carrying a little white rabbit bag and asked me what was in it, so I took out the key and lipstick. He saw my lipstick and said, “I found that many of you girls like to wear lipstick. I looked at him with a smile and answered that I don’t know I like to wear lipstick very much anyway. Later, he mentioned that he wanted to take me home. I was annoyed and ignored him, so I tried to fix him. I coaxed him to draw lipstick for me. (all boys want face and feel that the boys who wear lipstick are special Niang. Ha ha ha). I haven’t seen any boy draw lipstick yet. Fortunately, the lipstick is not a very red color. He agreed. I took out my lipstick with a smile, He painted it carefully. He really cooperated. I thought he would regret it and then struggled not to let me paint. Later, seeing his cooperation, I helped him paint it very seriously. (I had a professional hand shaking) I didn’t paint lipstick for others. I asked him to sip his mouth when he didn’t paint well, and then I asked him to In sipping, because the corners of his mouth are not even, he suddenly kisses me! It’s like a dragonfly skimming water for a second, but the mouth to mouth feel soft like jelly. It turns out that my first kiss is gone, and I look at him like I’ve been suspended, but nothing happens in front of the client. In my mind, I feel vaguely that the feeling he gives me and the things he does make me incredible. I saw that he didn’t speak, and I didn’t dare to look at him. I simply turned to look at the opposite scenery. Later, he told me something without mentioning his behavior. Then I looked at him and said why you just wanted to kiss me. He replied that I just couldn’t help kissing him. Then I turned my head and didn’t dare to look at him. I felt a very strange feeling in my heart, No It’s very uncomfortable and not very happy, he said, turn around, I turn to see him, waiting for a statement, he kisses again, I didn’t expect that he even dare, the feeling from his mouth is soft with a little temperature, or a second to wait for me to push him away, the kiss is over, follow the inner idea, don’t slap him in the face, but he leads him muddled Going back, my mind was blank, but I still firmly resisted him to send me home. I asked him to go home first. I went to my best friend to get something and then waited for my mother to pick it up. He couldn’t help but I agreed. He looked very happy and gentle. His hands were warm and wrapped my hands. He passed his temperature over to make my hands not so cold. We separated at the traffic lights in the square. I had two love stories around me, and only hugged and held hands with my first love. At that time, he didn’t tell me that he liked me and wanted me to be his girlfriend. In front of me, I felt that he was the kind of good boy who likes playing guitar, gentle personality, likes playing basketball and doesn’t fight (doesn’t smoke, doesn’t drink, and wears school uniform at school). I really didn’t expect that he would kiss me! Whether it’s girls or boys, we must protect ourselves when we are out!!! We must be alert to harm and guard against others! After taking things from my best friend’s home, my mother picked me up and went home. I sent him a message and asked him if he had come home. He told me that he had gone back to school. He had lied to me and wanted to send me home. Then he asked me on QQ if I could be his girlfriend (of course not. Although Laozi’s first kiss was gone, the process of chasing me was indispensable, and they knew each other well I refused and told him I hadn’t thought about it. (at that time, I felt that what I got easily would not be cherished. If he really liked it, I would get to know each other by chasing me) We used to play games together every night as before. When we first met, he always said that he was sleepy until 12 o’clock and let me play by myself. After confessing to me, he waited for me to sleep at a certain time every day (this is the first detail that touched me). In school, he began to chat with me every day, and asked me to connect his QQ number. (he didn’t ask me to give him his QQ password.) he said that he was single-minded, and he didn’t have any secrets, so he could let me log on his QQ. (second detail) Before he posted on QQ, I saw that occasionally a girl came to chat with him (QQ associated with him, you can see the content sent by QQ without pushing him offline, but you can’t see the information he sent to others). I saw a girl send a message to him, saying: the handsome man in junior high school class was disabled, now only you are disabled. He didn’t know if I could see it or not, so he came to explain to me and said that the girl praised him for being handsome. There is also a girl who complains a little, saying that they all show me. There’s a head but no tail. Several minutes later, he didn’t return the girl’s message, so I sent a message to him and said, some girl sent a message to you, please return to her quickly. (he did not return me) curiosity drove me to his QQ for the first time. I replied to the girl: Girl: they all show me girl: unhappy I: what’s the matter? Girl: all the girls in the dormitory have made boyfriends. I: then you should give it to me too. You should show them too. Girl: I don’t want to give it to them. Then I go to the canteen to have supper. I send a message to me via wechat and say: don’t make trouble and return my QQ. (I’m not very comfortable listening to him say that.) I said sorry to him, I stopped making noise, and I broke the connection. He logged back to QQ and said to me: you ignore her. Why do you ignore her? I shouldn’t have said that to you just now. (this is the first cold war we haven’t been together) I was out of my mind that day, and he didn’t take the initiative to chat with me as usual. (I don’t like to take the initiative to chat with others, especially boys. I feel uncomfortable and a little embarrassed. In junior high school, if a girl wants to chat with a boy, she will be gossiped by her classmates and rumored by girls. Whoever chats with a boy in junior high school knows how to seduce others, and her behavior is also coquettish. Our class is a girl’s little Gang playing with their own, boys’ little Gang playing with their own, junior high school memories to me nothing to miss, so I can sleep in class, can’t sleep to do homework, after class run to the canteen to buy junk food (ha ha ha) don’t remember who took the initiative to send the message to who, later made an appointment to meet in the back of the teaching building. He told me that he could tolerate all of me. (he didn’t know what he said. I remember it for a long time.) when we spent time with him, we were unconsciously affected by our emotions. We were together after we talked about the matter. (after a long time together), I learned from him that the girl who sent him the message was his junior high school ex girlfriend. I seem to understand something. I told him that she wanted to get back to him that day. ” He said: I explained to my ex the information you sent back to me that day, and told her that you were my girlfriend, and then he deleted me. When I return his QQ, I don’t know what they said. Now that I’ve decided to be with him, I can only trust him. (I don’t know if you’ll leave a relationship behind, so I’ve thought about the contact information and items. I personally can’t accept that boys who want to be with me keep anything from their predecessors. I’m a cheapskate. I’m not sensible. I’m cold-blooded. I’m heartless. If I want to accept new feelings, I don’t want to keep the things of my predecessor In school days, he always wanted to ask me to accompany him for a walk and chat after class (I was very reluctant to feel that there was not much time to beat the king). When he was walking, every time he met someone, he would stay away from me, pretending not to know me. He said that he was afraid of being seen by his classmates (every time I pretended not to know me, I was very sad) and later I would be in other people’s lives Keep your distance from him in front of you. When there is no one, he will walk beside me. If someone passes by, he will keep a distance from me. When he meets his classmates, he will walk far ahead by himself, and I will walk behind him at normal speed. Because of his concerns, I respect his choice, but I don’t like walking with him any more. (such a period of time smelly man didn’t notice my unhappiness) then I secretly want to break up. (because at that time, I felt that I didn’t dare to hold hands in front of strangers when I was in love. It’s ok if I didn’t talk about it, because every time I met a stranger, he would take the initiative to release my hand and keep a distance from me.) I had the cheek to tell him several times if I could not release my hand. Now think about it, I feel like I’m thin skinned! I’m also very embarrassed (shy ~) his response is very perfunctory. Every time a stranger passes by, he will take the initiative to release my hand. (for me, this kind of concealment gives me the feeling that I’m dispensable in his eyes). I don’t know if he has ever pulled a little hand with a girl before, but I know he used to I haven’t kissed a girl. I gave each other my first kiss. After that, every time I was ready for a stranger to pass by, without waiting for him to release my hand, I took the initiative to take it back and keep a distance with him. I walked fast or slowly. I felt that since he didn’t want to hold hands in front of others, I would not force him. I also had my own temper. In addition to not being able to hold hands, he showed that he liked me very much. We entered a period of love. At home, he played games with me on weekends, told me bedtime stories at night, and bought me supper when I was hungry. At school, he told me to get up every day, ate three meals a day, and asked me if I wanted to wait for him to pick me up when it rained. Every time I had a bad temper, he was always angry He was the first one who bowed his head first and apologized to me when I was not in a good mood. He was warm and soft when he spoke to me during his infatuation period. He didn’t want to hurt me, didn’t want me to sleep with emotion, and didn’t want me to be wronged. But that fool, like a straight man, can’t even speak love words or make me happy, so I asked him to leave a love word for me on QQ every night. (I also leave it for him every night) we say good morning and good night to each other, and we even go to bed every day. They love each other. He is very possessive and does not allow me to talk to other boys. I also take the initiative to keep a distance with other boys. (when I was not with him, I deleted the boys I knew on the Internet and occasionally drove black together.) we care for each other and take care of each other. Share the fun of every day. This is the happiest time for me. Originally, I can have sweet love, and also feel the feeling of being tolerated and spoiled. However, he was careless. Later, he often made me angry. I broke my promise again and again, and I forgave him again and again. Every time I play games with him, we hang up the QQ phone. He doesn’t want others to hear my voice, and he doesn’t like others to follow me

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