Viettel becomes the first 5g operator in Vietnam

Viettel group announced the launch of 5g commercial test. After a stage of technical test, viettel group will become the first network operator in Vietnam to provide 5g service.

Vietnam’s 5g base stations use non independent Networking (NSA) technology, which is currently used by the world’s top 5g operators such as SK Telecom, Korea Telecom, Weixun communications (USA) and Vodafone (UK). In addition to increasing coverage, this technology can also increase capacity and reduce interference. Compared with 4G network, the delay of 5g network can be reduced ten times, and the bandwidth can be upgraded.

All 5g antennas of viettel are of advanced 64t64r type (64 transmitters and 64 receivers). Compared with the 4t4r antenna widely used in Vietnam, the coverage radius and capacity are doubled.

Preliminary tests show that the 5g speed of viettel reaches 1.2-1.5 Gbps, which is the highest in Vietnam. Customers using viettel’s 5g service can download 90 minutes of high-definition movies in just 30 seconds (tens of times faster than 4G service), watch live football matches or enjoy online games without delay. In addition, viettel’s 5g will provide the prosperity background of AR / VR applications such as virtual travel and virtual shopping, and make great contributions to changing social and economic life.

At the launching ceremony, viettel connected to yuede hospital through 5g network and telemedicine system independently developed by the group. In the future, 5g real-time connection will make an important contribution to telemedicine diagnosis, treatment and surgery in Vietnam.

In Vietnam, viettel is a pioneer in the development and manufacture of 5g equipment. The telecom giant has completed the 5g service testing and gradually commercialization, making Vietnam one of the first countries in the world to access the 5g network, thus promoting the application of new technologies and advocating the realization of digital transformation.

It will continue to expand its commercial network to 5g in Hanoi and Da Nang.

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