What’s the body reaction when a girl kisses?

I have a beginning and an end to explain, so it will be a bit long. If you don’t like it, don’t read it. Ha ~ thank you (you can also regard it as a love history, just watch you happy) I met him when playing games in the club. At that time, he took the initiative to add my friends. Once, my roommate and I lost in a row all the time. I saw him invite him to play online (he played the game with him for the first time at that time. He played very well. He thought it was best to play with one more person and kneel down together if we couldn’t win). I didn’t expect that we would play together all the time Black has been losing. He and I were both resident students. We could go home after school on Friday afternoon at the weekend. He asked me if I wanted to go home together, because by the way (he could just transfer at the place where I got off the bus), he often played games at that time, and he was a little bit fond of him (pit him every day, ha ha ha ha), so he agreed. In the afternoon, I came out from the girls’ dormitory, opposite the boys’ dormitory. He stood under the tree and waited for me. He was wearing a gray coat, and I was wearing a white skirt one day. I walked with him not far away. Next to the school gate is the basketball court. He goes inside and I go outside. A basketball rolls around. He picks it up and throws it back to the boys who play basketball. The boys have seen it to us, and subconsciously I turn my head to one side. Since I was a child, I didn’t like looking at each other or staring at me for too long. I covered my face with my long hair and didn’t want others to see me (later, he told me that the boys who played basketball were in the same class with him and some of his roommates, and then deliberately threw the ball, thinking that we were friends and wanted to see what I looked like) When I was waiting for the bus, I held my big light blue cotton padded jacket in my arms and stood foolishly without talking to him. Then he looked at me seriously and said: I’ll help you hold the cotton padded jacket first. When you are cold, how about putting it on. The other students who were waiting for the bus were just looking at me. I was a little embarrassed when I was staring at him. I gave him the cotton padded clothes without saying anything. It wasn’t long before the bus came. After I got on the bus with him, I saw that there were two empty seats in the back row. He asked me to sit inside and he sat outside himself. Read More

Reprint a story about donkey

The day it died, I ran to the scene. Look at it lying next to the mill, skinny, messy hair color, staring big eyes. Death is very miserable, only one leg is still hard forward. I knew that when it died, it still had to pull and grind. Because last night, it said that it was going to celebrate the festival soon. It had to work hard to finish grinding the remaining 400 Jin beans, finish the task, and then go home to have a good rest. Just did not expect, or died in the mill.

A famous saying about thinking

Reprint a famous saying about thinking; let’s all learn to think rationally. “A lot of people work very hard, but they don’t pay attention to stop and think about whether there is any reason behind the smooth things they do. It’s like we’ve all seen such a scene. A fly wants to fly to the light and hit the glass one by one. It probably feels that its efforts are not enough. Until it knocks itself out, it won’t think about what problems it has encountered. If it doesn’t hit the glass and flies smoothly, it won’t summarize its experience Test. It’s not savvy enough to think, or to share with friends, how to pay attention not to bump into

Warning about success!

1、 There must be a secret to success; 2、 These secrets are often personal, not personal; 3、 For those who make money by selling life experience, be careful. Most people tell you that life experience is like a trick performed by a magician. They always use the most unimportant tricks to attract your attention. Their real actions are hidden in places you can’t see. 4、 Life lies in evolution, replication accelerates corruption.

Science? Religion? Superstition? unknown?

Darwin said that since the origin of species, our destiny has been arranged by the creator. Nature is like a god of death with scissors. It stares at the growth of all things with sharp eyes and is always ready to use the scissors in its hands to eliminate those species that are not suitable for survival. However, it seems that from the origin of species, there exists such a special group on the earth. They come from different dimensions of space and extraterrestrial stars. They do not know when to start or when to stop. Since their appearance, they have helped tiny human beings to fight against the Almighty God of death countless times, and maintained the ecological order of all things. As a result, they have left some mysterious rumors that are supernatural and spread among the people. Although “time gap” is relatively static, it runs faster than light in a space parallel to us. So they may be around us, but we never meet them. For example, you will often see some similar scenes and another strange self in your dreams. However, the dream of people, and scenes will be in your mind after a flash in the pan, completely forget, as if never appear. But you can’t deny that “they” do exist around us. Some people will ask, what kind of things are they? Is it the Eastern god or the Western God? At present, our ability to explore the unknown is not enough to make a deep analysis of their identity, let alone an accurate definition. Do you believe that there are some translucent mysterious organizations in this seemingly comfortable world? Do you know that the human eye can only see 5% of the world’s matter through the visible light in the universe? When floods, earthquakes, fires and plagues come, do you stubbornly believe that these disasters are only natural disasters caused by the change of the earth and the change of the climate? Have you ever naively believed that in the vast universe, only the surface of the earth has signs of life? Have you ever naively thought that only human beings are the supreme ruler on earth? But it’s just like an egg to explore the earth. Have you ever known that only a few percent of your body’s potential and brain’s genes have been developed, while most of the rest are permanently confined by some unknown ability. Have you ever heard of parallel space, gaps in time and blind spots in the universe? Have you ever felt an invisible mystery or another isolated world hidden in a comfortable and peaceful life when you are inexplicably agitated? Have you ever thought in your heart why, no matter in Europe, Asia or even the whole world, the torrent of history, cruel wars and the change of dynasties have changed almost everything, but the only thing that has not been overthrown is “religion”! If religion exists, it is for the continuation of spiritual civilization and Read More

The story of homogeneous competition

The second one came to the gas station and found that many Jewish people needed accommodation, So I opened a supermarket; the fifth, the sixth More and more people came to the town. People who eat, stay, travel and do business need gas. As a result, the business of gas stations, restaurants, hotels and supermarkets has become more prosperous. Gradually, the town has become a prosperous one, and many Jews have become rich. One Chinese came to a small town and opened a gas station, and the business was very hot; the second Chinese came and found that the gas station business invested by the first person was really enviable, so he quickly opened the second gas station; the third Chinese came again and saw that the gas station of the two compatriots in front of him was very happy and envied, so he quickly opened the third gas station; the fourth and the fifth compatriots all came Similarly, there is a discount when opening a gas station In the end, there was vicious competition, and then they closed down one after another, and the town returned to its original place

Meditation on “plan”

Many senior managers and bosses talk about the “plan” behind closed doors. Some people keep making annual plans, quarterly plans, monthly plans and weekly plans. Here I have quoted a Korean ambassador’s words: Nothing in the world is more ridiculous and shameful than “plan”. Everything can never go according to your “plan”.