About Cui Biao

Cui Biao net was founded by Mr. Cui Biao, an Internet practitioner;

Cui Biao has been engaged in mobile communication since 2005, initially contacting with mobile Internet, and actively studying the relationship between mobile communication and traditional Internet. In 2006, he established the first information life website “East and west world” and achieved regional recognition and development;

In 2008, Cui Biao joined the medical Internet industry and set up official websites for many well-known hospitals; in 2009, he joined question answering network and founded 120 health network in the same year, becoming one of the three product founders of 120 health network; in 2011, he joined Haofu online and started to establish the task management system of internal operation system, and established the initial patient follow-up product scheme; in 2012, Cui Biao officially launched the project Since 2013, he has led the development of “medical open class” mobile application; since 2015, he has participated in the initial creation of Jingdong health; later, he has participated in the Internet information construction of many well-known pharmaceutical enterprises.

This site is mainly used to share every bit of work and life.